Increase your self-obedience and confidence

Junguian psychoanalyst

Practicing the highest specialization in psychotherapy

Geneviève Estève Herment as a Junguian psychoanalyst is practicing the highest specialization in psychotherapy: the healing in depth not just of symptoms but also their causes.

clinician psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst

40 years of practice

40 years of practice, public presentations, conferences and training are giving her a strong experience.
In private practice in Toulouse

Through analysis we improve human relations

Through analysis we change, but it would be more accurate to say: we become who we should be. We improve humane relations with others in our immediate environment as well as in the world in general

Psychoanalysis optimizes full success in reproductive treatments

Geneviève Estève Herment is also specialized in solving reproductive difficulties and fertility problems. For over 35 years, she has been giving emotional support to women and couples all through the different types of fertility treatments (AMP/PMA)

Through analysis the best success has been achieved with spontaneous pregnancies. The deep approach of Junguian analysis is greatly optimizing full success when going through these demanding and stressful treatments

A Junguian psychoanalyst, a search of meaning

Geneviève Estève Herment have worked successfully with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, including those in the arts as comedians, painters and musicians. Specialist in the symbolic language of the psyche, your therapist will introduce you in the understanding your night dreams. The Junguian approach provides with the treatment of a wide range of problems: interpersonal relations, work stress, couple and family and mainly a search of meaning.

Realize your true potential

I will collaborate in depth on helping you realize your true potential, become more fully yourself and approach life and relationships in more creative, flexible and satisfying ways.

The caring couple

Geneviève Estève Herment is promoting “The caring couple “. She is transmitting basis for an ethical relationship between man and woman and more widely with others. Analysis enhances opportunities to live a creative and spiritual life.

Inscribed on Apollo’s temple in Delphi
The Junguian approach is summed up in the maxim :

“Know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods”